Keep your
enterprise secure

A loss of data due to hacking and ransomware is not a situation you want to deal with at all.. But what if you could be prepared for an impending attack?

Store confidential documents
with encryption

We can help you implement the latest standard of file storage which is affordable and encrypted before being uploaded to servers all around the world meaning no prying eyes can view your confidential documents while staying in line your country's laws on data protection.

Security Best Practice
Training Days

We are happy to travel and provide your employees training on the best ways to handle all data including the most sensitive such as customer medical details.

Our Team


Max Mathwell



James Wall

Lead Developer

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Warren Gething

Security Analyst

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Kayley Robinson

Training Specialist

Our Specialty

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Everything Cyber Security

Keeping your enterprise online at all times, with fault tracing, backups for the backups and intuitive systems in place to prevent data loss from malicious attacks and insider jobs.

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Blockchain Security

With the new world of cryptocurrency being forged right in front of us who better then to check for vulnerablities then other developers who have worked on well funded ICOS?